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  • Foladi Lakes

    Its lofty peak lies at the end of Foladi valley where a series of high altitude lakes awaits the adventurous hiker.

  • Paymuri Hot Spring

    It’s not very famous place but very beautiful for sure. It is a good place to be away from the city crowd for some time. There is also ruins of Zahak nearby where you can travel through walking in a few minutes.

  • Dragon Valley

    Also known as Dara Ajdahar 5km west of Bamiyan. Legend has it that this spine of rock split in two is that of a dragon who terrorized the village beneath it.

  • Abu Hanifa Qazi Castle

    Sayghan is a town close to Bamyan city with about 23000 population, There is a historical castle which has been built in the 9th century to guard the city.

  • Yakawlang City

    Yakawlang is one of the beautiful towns located in the Bamyan. There are many amazing nature and mountain landscapes here.

  • Chil Burj

    Chil Burj (Forty Towers fortress) is a historical castle ruin has been built by Turks after Islam era.

  • Mikh Mount

    Mikh mount stand between mountain of Baba in Waras district!

  • Band-e Amir

    Band-e Amir National Park is a series of six deep blue lakes separated by natural dams made of travertine, a mineral deposit. It’s been called Afghanistan’s Grand Canyon; 370 square kilometers of soaring cliffs and cascading lakes on the edge of the Hindu Kush Mountains that sits high at an altitude of 2900 m.

  • Cultural Centre

    Bamiyan Cultural Centre project is one of few projects which attempts to address hopeful aspects of Afghanistan

  • The Red City

    Guarding the gates of Bamyan Valley where the Bamyan and Kalu Rivers converge sits Shahr e Zohak in its striking crimson grandeur. Estimates put the red city’s origins into the 6th century, built by the Ghorids and home to 3000 people.

  • City of Screams

    Gholghola City was existing for ages ago and then the city has been destroyed by Genghis Khan. The siege of the city has taken months and defended by one of old Turkish Khaganates but the city falls.

  • Buddha Statues

    The Buddhas of Bamyan were two 6th-century monumental statues of Gautama Buddha carved into the side of a cliff, 230 kilometres northwest of Kabul at an elevation of 2,500 metres.

  • Hazarchishma

    Hazarchishma Natural Bridge is located 100 km north of Band-e-Amir National Park at the northern edge of Bamyan Province, near the border with Samangan Province. The arch is a young meander natural bridge carved through limestone karst in Jawzari Canyon (Dara-i-Jawzari), which joins the Ajar valley as part of the Amu Darya watershed and the main Caspian basin.

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