What and Where to buy Souvenirs in Bamyan

An exciting part of going abroad is buying souvenirs to take back home. Whether they are traditional, quirky, edible or purely for nostalgic memories, when you are on your adventurous trip in Bamyan, the choice of finding shops to buy souvenirs is limited!

There are few small souvenir shops in middle of Bamyan old bazaar. But you can find more handicraft that made by women on Art Bazaar to buy a range of delights for yourself, friends, or for decorating your home. The choice is overwhelming, so we have put together this list of souvenirs to help you choose. We have also listed some helpful hints on buying them as well as the places to go.

6 of the Best Souvenirs to Buy in Bamyan

Here are some great things to buy at Bamyan’s Art Bazaar, which is one of the city’s attractions. You can easily access the Bazaar, which house several different shops mustly run by Bamyani women. It offers a visually pleasing and aromatically charged walking experience, with vivid colours and herbal scents.

The Art Bazaar’s numerous shops sell everything from Gelim rugs, local Namads, Bamyan delights and spices, to colourful crafts in all shapes and sizes. Let this list of Bamyan souvenir shopping ideas help you on your bargain hunting adventures.

Traditional Afghan Rugs

Anyone with an unlimited budget might consider buying a traditional Afghan carpet. Hand-made pieces of art that have taken months or in some cases, even years to create sell for a hefty amount. The shop will package and cargo it for you as well but be careful. Unfortunately, an influx of cheap, copycat versions from China flooded the market a few years back and tarnished its reputation because it is very hard to establish the difference between them and a traditional Afghan carpet. Don’t rush your purchase and enlist the help of an expert if you are unsure.


Kilim rugs

Beautiful Afghan art in a piece of tapestry

Handmade Clothes


Painting Namads


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