Where to relax and enjoy local dishes

As you found out Bamyan is a small town with few hotels and restaurants must of them serve only delicious Afghan dishes like Qoruti, Shir Berenj, Borani Kadoo, Aush, Aushak, Chopan Kabob, Borani Banjan, Kabuli Pulaw, Bolani, Shola Ghorbandi …

Highland Restaurant

Bamyan, New Town

Gholghola Restaurant

Bamyan Bazaar, Alikain Square

Chil Burj Hotel

Bamyan, Mola Gholam

Zohak Restaurant

Bamyan old bazaar

Chaikhana Cafe

Bamyan, opposite of Salsal Buddha

Afghan Dining Etiquette

If you get the chance of being guest of local Bamyani family be ready for an amazing hospitality!

An important expression of food culture in Afghanistan is the “dastarkhan,” a spread of dishes arranged on a tablecloth that might be laid on the floor. You will be provided a cushion to sit cross-legged upon, (having removed your shoes at the door). Guests are usually given an individual bowl or plate, but utensils are not used; meals are eaten with the right hand, using bread as a scoop.

Tea defines hospitality in Afghanistan. Excellent tea is served after a meal along with dessert, which is likely Baklava, or Gosh-e-feel (fried pastry in the shape of an elephant’s ear!).

No matter how hard-pressed, the Afghans treat their guests with immense respect and will go to great lengths to serve them the best food possible. If you are a guest at an Bamyani person’s home, you would be expected to enjoy huge quantities of everything. For this reason make sure to leave some food on your plate, otherwise it will soon be filled up again!

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