Where to stay and rest in Bamyan

Bamyan has a rich and diverse history that has influenced many civilizations, including the Buddhism, Mongols and Islam. Its historical importance will be reflected in the city’s food, culture, and sites.

But where to stay in Bamyan? It’s a small but sparse city, and some Bamyan locations are definitely better bases than others.

Do you want to have a Historical site view or wake up to beautiful nature of Bamyan, Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we cover all of this and more below in our neighborhood breakdown for where to stay in Bamyan!

Let’s kick off our list of hostels in Bamyan by looking at some that warrant the journey alone. So, let’s take a look!

Quick Tips – Where to Stay in Bamyan

Gholghola Hotel

The outside view of Gholghola Hotel - Fatima Faizi/The New York Times

Let’s begin our list with the bigest hotel in Bamyan city right in front of Buddha statues, Gholghola hotel will not only make an awesome base for sightseeing in this stunning valley, but you will get to experience the view of natural beauty of Bamyan. It’s one of the best equiped hotel in Bamyan even Afghanistan.

Highland Hotel

Highland hotel famous for their food, hospitality and great service. You can enjoy your stay here with delicius food.

Chil Burj Hotel

Chil Burj means Forty Towers fortress and the name taken from Chil Burj historical castle in Yakavlang district.

Char Burj Highland Hotel

The view of Char Burj Highland Hotel from back side of hotel

Char Burj means four towers that surround the hotel area is made like old architecture of Bamyan castles that make this hotel unique in Bamyan, and also a panoramic and colorful view of vally in each season. Char Burj Highland hotel placed out of city, around 10 min drive to historical sites made it a calm place to stay and enjoy the peaceful area.

Silk Road Hotel

Hotel owned by a Japanese woman and was famous for their japanese food but now just serving Afghan food.

There are several local and cheap hotels that mostly occupied by local travelers in bazaar. You can try them too but we do not recommend!


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