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Bamyan, The Afghanistan’s picturesque and most remote places that you can now explore from home

Formerly the heart of the Silk Road, Buddhism and Islam, Bamyan still remains a melting pot of cultures. Combine its historical cities with miles upon miles of elate mountain of Hindukush, add incredible natural landscapes to discover and VERY friendly and peaceful people for an incredibly fresh air of a country.

You may be getting ready for a adventurous trip to Afghanistan, Bamyan and you’re worried about terrorists? understandable! Please take a look at our reasons on Is Bamyan Safe and if you still worried you can visit Bamyan vitually!

Band-e Amir National Park

Band-e Amir National Park is a series of six deep blue lakes separated by natural dams made of travertine, a mineral deposit. It’s been called Afghanistan’s Grand Canyon; 370 square kilometers of soaring cliffs and cascading lakes on the edge of the Hindu Kush Mountains that sits high at an altitude of 2900 m.

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This page will be updated soon with more virtual tours of Bamyan highlight places.


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